Model Dad

I recently shared my experiences on a post on the Independent Characters forum regarding how I am able to play miniature war games and be a father of three under six years old. I know that i struggle to this day with spending time with my children and spending time with my hobby. I imagine it will become easier as I am able to share my passion with my kids. But until then I have had to come up with some strategies to do both. I felt that I should share this the rest of the community as I do feel like I have been really successful in marrying these two major time sinks.

If I could sum up all of my wisdom in a word it would be organization. This is key for a few different reasons. You only have so much time in the day. I never really thought about this when I was single or even when I was married really. It becomes very apparent when you have children that you can’t do everything. So what did I organize?

1. My minis: storage solutions are a must. Quality methods of storing your miniatures is indispensable. I own multiple KR multicases and Battlefoam for my various games and armies and I need more! Properly stored minis helps you access the models you want quickly. Grab a bag and get to your next game fast… Don’t even look to see what you need to pull out! They are all there when you need them. Off to your next game. Not to mention this helps keep little hands from unexpectedly becoming mischievous and smearing peanut butter into the hatches and doors of your land raider turning it into a nergle touched pile of dross. This will also help you access your models for hobbling purposes. Down time is a big killer and you want to keep it to a minimum. I also use a movement tray that I keep the army that I play most frequently on to reduce set up time during home games.

2. My hobby space: for years I resisted but I finally broke down and purchased a storage device for my paints. I found that my family simply needed the space more than I did. So I got a tool box to put all my paints, brushes and tools. Next was a folding tv table. I end up pulling everything out whenever i want to hobby and make sure it is put away before I head to bed every night. It is true that doing this puts up more possible barriers to painting but it is better then packing up everything and kissing lovingly until you kids are old enough not to chug-a-lug your PVA glue. Besides, baby is most likely going to need that room as a bedroom. Not all of us are blessed with the financial means to afford a home that allows for additional spaces to dedicate to this thing.

3. My play space: want to play 10 games a week? If you figure out how to do it as a father of three kids under the age of 6 please tell me! Maybe we can get couple in… I don’t know about you but my play space is also my kids play space. Keeping games set up is no longer an option for me. I solve this by making my tables collapsable, my terrain storable and my mats rollable/foldable. If you have a realm of battle board and it looks like your gonna be in the same boat I was then I recommend selling it and looking into alternatives. A good way to get games in is to invite people to your place. So keep it quick to set up and tear down. You’ll most likely appreciate having people over to your place if you have little one to cut down on the stress of your partner.

4. My kids: that’s right. Even the kids. I do my best to structure my children’s evening routine. I close the drapes at 6:30 to signal that bed time is coming soon and to reduce the light in the house. 7:00 is PJs then two stories. Brush teeth (cause it’s better to brush teeth and stay up for 5 extra minutes then to brush teeth before stories and then go strait to sleep). Then 2 oz of water (to help calm the kids some more but not too much to cause accidents for the ones that are potty trained). This gets the kids in bed by 7:30-8:00. Kids thrive on routine as well and I have found that my kids are better behaved because of this. This also gets me a few hours to myself every night. This is extremely important to the hobby as you want to maximize your time available. The main reason for this is so that you can schedule game times with your friends. If you know that your kids WILL be down before a specific time then you know when you’ll be able to invite friends over or head out to their place.

i can’t stress enough that taking your time with things like gathering supplies, picking your colours as you go, not being ready to go as soon as you can when your opponent is are all things that will cause you to not be able to get very far in a night.

Feeling stressed out yet because your not the most organized person in the world? Just remember this. Babies start out pretty easy. They kind of just sit there for the first few months doing their thing. Sure they need feeding, changing and burping. But their demands are not many. It allows you to make these changes over a period of time. Fathers can be pretty irresponsible to start with. The more babies start to grow up the more these kinds of changes to you life are needed to maintain your hobby. Cheers.


The Sinker (12 June 2014)

By Justin Gatner (Apothecary)

Welcome again to another Narrative Addict article from Out of the Basement Gaming Club. In previous articles we discussed making ideas come to life for your miniature war games and how to turn them into more than a single game. We have discussed how to hook players into the story and string them across the story arch. In this last article I’ll discuss how to make it all come together in one last game.

Most times you will already have the final game in your head before you start writing it down. In fact, I often handle the writing of this part around the same time I do the hook. Some times you’ll find that the game has gone in a totally different direction than what you had anticipated. Either way you will find it beneficial to start early on this part as you will be able to pull elements for your earlier work even if you don’t use it entirely.

Lets discuss some specific elements here. 1) Your gonna want to make it big. The final game should be the most fun your players have had as it is what they have all been building up too this whole time. Now it doesn’t have to be enormous. You’ll find that you can achieve the same effect with just increasing the size of the game by 25% of the previous games your players have played. Keep in mind that miniature war gaming is only limited by the number of models each side has access to. So if all players are in agreement then you can turn it into a 48 hr-no-sleep-game-a-thon if you really want to. I would advise not to make the game last more than one session, however. As with all miniature games, there are issues with security of your stuff and people may move things around. Also there is the dreaded we can’t seem to get together again for extended periods of time (especially bad for multiplayer games) which inevitably leads to players forgetting what was going on in the first place.

2) You want to tie it back to the hook and line portions of your game. This may go without saying but a good game will include the why of a story. You want your players invested in why they fight for their side. Even if it is as simple as “I have a really big sword here” (see what I did there). Try to tie the final battle back to previous events that you have in your story. Giving those little nods is a fun way to help players feel like they have invested in this game in particular. This is especially important for players who have not felt like they have impacted the story line up until this point. Each time you make the players feel like they have made a difference the more that they will enjoy themselves which is the whole point of this in the first place.

3) Give this one some flash. There are easy ways to spruce up a final battle. One of the coolest ways to do this is to play on a special board. You can make it special by adding more space and increasing the size of your table beyond the recommended size by the miniature game company. Another way is to include special terrain that has been built to fit the story. You could do this to help tie in the story as well which would help to do both tie in the story and to give the battle that extra something. You could also do this by breaking some of the rules I have layed out here. In Warhammer 40k, you could play a Kill Team mission on a Zone Mortalis board. This takes rule 1 and throws it out the window. This is because your playing a low points cost game on a small board. You still have the flash because a Zone Mortalis board is not often used. Also you are giving the game flash by artificially creating cinema. In such a low model count game, the randomness of the dice have more weight than in a higher point cost game. Each roll can kill and each roll can save. Players end up sweating bullets over the simplest of choices.
At this point I have expended my desire to write about being a Narrative Addict. I still love to talk about story lines and perhaps assist you in your story writing quest. If you want some feedback on your story drop me a line at I would love to bounce ideas back and forth. The creative process is only enhanced with collaboration. I haven’t decided yet what my next article will be but I do plan to continue to write for the Out of The Basement Gaming Club. We will see what direction this goes. See you next time guys.

A Hitch-hikers Guide to the Human Sphere – Military Orders 300 points (Magister knight list)


It’s been awhile, busy times, busy times…

Either way, got a question in the other day about Military orders and coming up with a 300 point list from the Starter box and using Magister knights!


Another awesome piece of art from Chesterocampo – check him out at


So let’s dive in and take a look at the religious god fearing panzer Faust welding knights of PanO.

Magister Knights:

A solid front line breaker! Martial arts Lv2, Religious troop with hyper-dynamics level 1 a solid CC18, MOV4-4 and BS 12 with ARM 3 and 2 wounds!

In the military orders sectorial army list you can take up to 6 of these bad boys. The trick to playing these guys is a funny one depending on whether or not your go first

If you’re going first (I’m assuming you won that Lt. roll?) Set-up unlinked. That’s right, do not link them (yet…) use their impetuous order to drive forward into the fray! If the enemy starts shooting, no matter use that dodge ability to continue forward (that hyper dynamics level 1 provides a +3 to PH in dodge, so a solid dodge at 17PH is pretty sweet and should help you win those faces to faces on incoming ARO fire – if not ; you got two wounds so go for it!) or take a free shot with your panzerfausts to cause damage quick.

The trick is to have the rush forward somewhat together. Once that free order is used and you’re much closer in striking distance spend your Lt. order to link them with missile launcher. Then go to town with a 5 man link team firing all sorts of missiles!  Very few teams in the human sphere can pull moving and shooting for free and then linking midway up the field to launch hell all with 2 wounds and Arm 3 to help them get there. A 5 man link proving the missile launcher an incredible +1 burst and +3BS (for total of 15BS) should wreck some face whilst being super order efficient. Yup all that and you haven’t even touch your regular order pool yet.

If you’re going second; set-up defensively and link-up (break up at the end of your opponents turn – since you can break link voluntary at any time without any order cost to gain the impetuous orders at the start of your turn) By doing so, you can provide a nasty reactive team, that could launch missile hell upon would be attackers.

If the battle gets tight and we are down on orders and man power with panzerfausts  all used up, let’s break links start of turns 2 or 3 and use those impetuous order to charge into close combat and slice and dice! Seriously unlike other armies where clinging on to 3 man link team will be useful, in MO you have to think opposite and break that link and recover free orders to maximize movement, close combat and shooting; you got the armour, you got the physical and your got the wounds to do it!


Order Sgts:

The back bone of any MO army list, the humble Order Sgt If we are going for ITS, it’s all about squeezing in specialists! None better than a TO: Camo forward observing infiltrator! I love these guys! Their strategy is pure simple. One of two options: 1) hidden deployment an inch from an objective for him to pop out turn 2-3 to grab an objective by surprize or last min. 2) deploy as a token (we need those orders) right beside an objective and again pop out to grab at the opportune time!

With so much invested in HI magister knights, it would be shame to have them shut down to hacking; why not add a specialist and at the same time some hacking defense. Add in a Hacker.

Teutonic Knight:

We need an Lt. neither the Order Sgt. Nor the magister knights have a Lt. Profile. What’s this? In the starter box comes a basic Teutonic Knight? Sold.  He’s certainly not the best nor ideal Lt. But for his points (42 points and 1 SWC for MO. he is relatively cheap in an MO list for HI – where HI can easily exceed 50 points for HI model) he’ll do the job and can be somewhat durable if he gets caught in a bad situation (unlike and cheapo fusilier Lt…)

Lastly I’ve tossed in a bit more support and I’ve added in another all-important specialist troop. This time a trauma doc and with few spare points a lil pal bot to help baby sit an important figure (say a missile launcher diving straight for the enemy?) She can also help out on at least one secret objective (experimental drug) and secure objectives herself if there is nothing else to do beside provide and order and heal. Whilst you could for a machinist for D-charges; we have nothing he can repair so the Doc will do better here.

Panoceania – Military Order | 10 models



Magister Knight DA CCW (27|0)

Magister Knight DA CCW (27|0)

Magister Knight DA CCW (27|0)

Magister Knight DA CCW (27|0)

Magister Knight Missile (49|1.5)

Order Sergeant TO FO (29|0)

Order Sergeant TO FO (29|0)

Order Sergeant Hacker (25|0.5)

Teutonic Knight Lieutenant (42|1)

Trauma-Doc Doctor (14|0)

Palbot (3|0)



299/300 points | 3/6 swc

Estimated cost in $CAD:

  • MO starter Box – ~$50
  • Magister Knights Starter Box -~$40
  • PanO Support Box ~$32 (you could proxy to save or just buy the Doc ~$14 and proxy some token for a pal bot) [maybe even sell the other machinist and palbot to recover costs..]

Total ~$122 CAD

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? All feedback welcome

As always stay connected!


The Line (6 May 2014)

By Justin Gatner (Apothecary)

Welcome again to another Narrative Addict article from Out of the Basement Gaming Club. This time, I’ll be talking about how to take your “hook” (the topic for last article) and make it into something playable.

With most methods of playing any table top miniatures game using a narrative, your going to have to tailor your games a little. This can be done in two ways. You can either center it on your players or on your story. First i’ll discuss focusing your story on your players and the pros and cons that i have found in the past by doing this.

So your players in your group will most likely have favourite minis that they want to play. For example: I would love to play Infinity: the game with the “Cutter” model and I’ll tailor my whole list around taking that one miniature simply because I like the look of him. You’ll find that some folks will flock to the “flavour of the month” army which makes them more malleable for our purposes. While others will be tried, tested and true Prussian players when playing “Dystopian Wars”. Either way, focusing our story on the players allows your group to play what they would like to play. That is the best part of doing so because it will inevitably be more engaging for players as they are more invested in their army because they choose what to play.

This doesn’t make it easy on the story teller. The story will end up changing and flowing as players end up interacting with the story and with one another. You’ll be tempted to force the story into what you want and you can to a degree. Player will get more out of the story if they truly feel like they impact the outcome. Be prepared to go way off track if you need to and you’ll be surprised where you’ll end up. Running a game like this takes a measure of creativity that not everyone has. So you may want to stick to the other option.

If you focus on the story than you will have a predetermined outcome. This means that everything is formulated before the players begin any games. A number of games are prepared and, depending on the outcome, information is released to the players. For example; a single game may have two outcomes. A player wins or loses depending on his game. In each event that player is given a resolution for what happened post game which was written well before he started to unpack models. Games like this can be easily strung together in order to make a campaign and often are as this is how most campaigns are written. Player interaction is kept to a minimum and the story outcomes are set. Now you can have multiple outcomes that are only brought about by player wins or loses. However, the players cannot choose to suddenly do something totally unexpected (like attempt to make an alliance with an enemy to accomplish a greater goal).

I prefer free flowing stories as they give the players greater control over what happens. Story focused narratives do take a lot off of the story teller as they do not have to come up with new and innovative story ideas each time two players want to square off. My final thought on the matter is that you get out of these things what you put into them. Next time we will bring it all on home with “The Sinker”.

A Hitch-hikers Guide to the Human Sphere – ITS organized play


Ever played a miniatures tournament and think, wouldn’t be cool if there was a real official tournament specific missions and rules and not some Tournament Organizer created pdf limiting this and that.  Why can every tournament be on the same page ( i just bought this sweet unit and now, i can’t use it?!?) Wouldn’t it be cool if they had always new  missions to push your strategic mind and not the same rule-book missions you’ve seen over and over for the last 5 years!? Wouldn’t it be cool, if each time I competed in a tournament I could gain points to rank myself against my local community, the country, the world at large?!

Today I want to introduce you to the ITS tournament system and show off some pics grabbed at the local Infinity scene here in Edmonton!


So what is ITS?

ITS stands for Infinity Tournament System and forms the official system for organized play for Infinity. ITS also features an International Ranking system (and regional system) that keeps track of each player’s score when participating in ITS tournaments (that’s right!  Step right up and show what you got going on in the local scene and abroad. Compete for points from players around the globe or right here in your hometown!)


Wait what.. the.. I don’t even…

That’s right the amazing team at Corvus Belli (the people that produce the wonderful game of Infinity) actually dedicated resources to establishing and supporting competitive play through their ITS rules and scenarios.

Each year, new scenarios are released forging new strategies and levels of fun specifically designed for competitive play. Always keeping things fresh and engaging (did I mention the rules are all free? That’s right, no new rule sets, army books, ‘download data pdf pay to win’ purchases required!) ITS 2014 has a total of 9 different missions (and I’m sure it will only grow) to help provide a great pool of variety. Not only that, but some missions contain various levels of additional classified objectives to always change things up. One minute you’re seizing that same old antenna the next you’re getting points for blowing up and enemy building under your classified mission objective out the blue.

But wait there is more! (say WHA.?!)

ITS 2014 introduced even more levels of awesome, by providing different organized play styles!

You can play the standard ITS Tournament. This is your classic missions and set point limit tournament that depending on the number of players, goes from 3 to 5 rounds of play. You can set your tournament at different Tiers of play ranging from 200 points, 300 points or even full out 400 points.


You can play escalation league tournaments (just getting into it?, how about a 5 round tournament that has players compete from 120 points all the way to 300 points to help lead new and veteran players into competitive play?)

You can play Spec-Op Tournaments. Want to add a little spice?  how’s about being able to bring a customization character? Spec-op tournaments are just the ticket. Even one customization troop can change the way you play your army; each time with a new twist (heck who know what tricks your enemy has)


Ariadna Spec-Op sneaking around!

Ever wonder what it would be like to run a tournament where you could bring a character that “levels-up” each game (or dies having to start over!?), or feeling like you’re the fluff bunny kind of guy that hates the fact that tournaments never have any role play feel. How about ITS: Campaign tournaments! Each round builds experience on your spec-op and unlocks military specialties for your army.

Wanna play tag team tournaments with your buddy? ITS: Joint Operations can fill that void. Gang up with your mate and crush your enemies as whilst engaging in some awesome ITS missions, your alliance vs theirs!

Don’t have time for the big guys, why not run a ITS: mini tournament or just want a straight up crush face no hold barred way, there is ITS: showdown tournaments.

There is something for everyone! There really is no excuse to pass up ITS and the flexibility it offers for tournaments, even if a classic ‘hardcore gamer’ tournament setting isn’t you’re thing, the other options are certainly going to a real blast for all kinds of casual gamers.


‘we got a brother down!’ “engage! safeties off!!”

Check it all out at, under their downloads section for ITS.

So join us next time at Thunder ground in St. Albert for some ITS league action!


Till next time, stay connected!

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Human Sphere (Shasvastii – 300 pts)


Got a message other day to tackle on everyone’s favorite seed spread hermaphrodite race; the Shasvastii!


Shasvastii embody stealth, deception and sneaky tactics of the EI’s combined army. Infiltrate and annihilate is the Shasvastii way ( oh don’t forgot to seed and colonize that planet at the same time, their hermaphrodites after all, don’t want to lose that homeworld again, spread, spread!). Unlike their Morat brothers in the combined army, the Shasvastii are ALL about sneaky tricks, back-stabbing, shooting from the shadows of camo, no rushing head first in for a fight, no heavy armoured big guns, just fast moving assaults!. So grease up for some slimy tactics.

In a Shasvastii sectorial army, almost every unit (barring, remotes, and a few others) have the ‘Shasvastii’ special rule. Shasvastii basically have three levels of ‘death’, they go from unconscious, to ‘dead’ and then towards ‘ Spawn-embryo’. In games terms in order for an opponent score victory points, you basically have to kill even a lowly seed-solider three times to count the victory points! For example a seed-solider would take a wound and go unconscious, a second wound would have him ‘dead’,  rather than taking the model off, a ‘spawn’ token is placed and third wound is required to remove it.  As a result this can be frustrating  for opponents trying to gain victory points, as they have to pour orders into securing those ‘kills’ and can even help Shasvastii win by points denial. (imagine a sniper in a partial cover in high up tower being shot down and turning into a spawn that is now prone and out of sight behind the tower walls. Want to get rid of that spawn and claim points for your shot? well come climb up and get it!)

Shasvastii, also have the access to the ‘Seed-embryo’ special rules (some troops only). This rule provides that unlike normal troops the unit is deployed as a camo marker (with CH: limited camo) and will ‘hatch’ into a active unit at the start of the controlling players second turn. However the controlling player can spend an order (or in ARO) to ‘emergency hatch’ the seed ahead of time in order to pop these guys up faster. Some troops can even spend extra points ahead of time to start ‘hatched/deployed’ and be active turn one (i.e. Caliban-E ‘for spawn-embryo’ , vs. Claiban –D ‘for deployed’)


  • Camo heavy forces (lots of access to T.O Camo & CH: Camo)
  • Impersonators’ (Speculo killers are available to troll your enemy!)
  • Access to lots of Infiltration units (get in their face fast!)


  • Seed-solider line troops can be slow (having to start as an embryo)
  • Expensive specialists
  • No Heavy armour (tend to be light armoured troops)

images (1)

Combined Army – Shasvastii Expeditionary Force | 10 models


  • Seed-Soldier Observer (17|0)
  • Seed-Soldier Observer (17|0)
  • Gwailo Lieutenant (32|0)
  • Gwailo Spitfire (31|1.5)
  • Gwailo HRL (36|1.5)
  • Shrouded Minelayer (25|0.5)
  • Speculo Killer (39|1)
  • Caliban I BS+E (31|0.5)
  • Malignos Hacker (49|0.5)
  • Med-Tech Combi (23|0)


300/300 points | 5.5/6 swc

Here’s a 300 point list I would like to try someday.

Cost of the list (just estimated before taxes, prices could vary between region and stores)

–          Shasvastii Starter box – $50

–          Gwalio – Heavy rocket launcher – ~$15

–          Gwailo –  MultiRifle ~$15

–          Gwalio – Boarding Shotgun model (counts as spitfire/lt?) ~$15

–          Med-Tech – ~$20

About $115 bucks Canadian, not bad!

Going from the top, we have two basic seed-soldiers that are forward observers.  These guys are your basic line troopers starting as camo tokens (seed-embryos) in the back in cover ready to capture objectives in turns two and three; no more, no less, simple.

Next we have a small three man link team of Gwalios. I’ve taken a Gwalio Lt. since he’s a nice 0 SWC and can help hide within the link team. Gwailos have some amazing nanotech in the form of  ‘Nanoscreens’. Nanoscreens are basically self-portable partial cover! With practice and patience you can really cover up your Gwalios using terrain and Nanoscreens to cover all your bases as they advance.  In order to beef-up the fire team, we’ve added in the always amazing fire laying Heavy Rocket Launcher (for burst 3 templates, or burst 2 templates in ARO) and high burst spitfire for a great active turn shooting unit. With a solid BS 13 and Arm 2, this is my ‘punch’ in the list, with solid durability thanks to nanoscreens!

Next I’ve gone with an amazing speed bump against opponents, using the Shrouded Minelayer. He will infiltrate in camo and drop  a spam of 3 camo token mines either center field near objectives or covering off a flank. With an auto-medkit he can take a hit as well and continue to slow the enemy advance. Love it ! solid buy! remind your opponent about the joys of using orders to ‘discover’!

Since we have the shrouded providing a speed-bump, let’s take it to the next level and add the ever scary (and super troll) Speculo killer impersonator! Have her deploy up front and watch the enemy have to spend order to discover her! You can even risk a WIP roll to deploy as a impersonator one inch away from there nice heavy hitting trooper, right before you walk up and slice them with a monofilament blade of death! I would defiantly make this one unit your ‘one’ held back in reserve for deployment for a last unit deploy close to high profile enemy. I want to cripple them quick! Your enemy is now going to have to burn orders on the impersonator and then spend orders to get past your mines before they can even really move up!



Not quite a Shasvatii but a close cousin..


So let’s continue this trolling in the middle forward advance, and add in a specialist that can grab an objective real quick, enter the Caliban-I (‘I’ for infiltrator) engineer. He’s got inferior infiltration, which means he must infiltrate deploy, which is no biggie is given we are already infiltrating with our shrouded above; this just adds greater support. With an boarding shotgun and up close we got some heavier firepower up front quick. Also armed with an auto-med kit he can take a hit and potentially pop back up. With d-charges he can help out on any ITS classified objective that requires blowing up the enemy building in their very easy.  Again the enemy is really going to have sink shots and orders to put your forward advance down and take out units that grab objectives.

Lastly supporting the infiltration front is the ever sneaky Malignos! With solid T.O camo and infiltrate you can use hidden deployment to keep the opponent guessing where he’ll pop out and  blow them away. I went with a hacker version this time, since we were getting short on SWC and specialists. As a WIP 14, BTS 0 hacker he is alright, not amazing but not bad either. Being up front quickly he can help hack advancing HI, or TAGs. Most importantly he’s a sneaky hard to pop specialist with TO camo and auto-med kits. So hidden deploy near a mid-field objective for a quick point grab and support on the other advanced infiltrators that you have.

Finally, I’ve added in the best specialist for Combined army lists, the Med-tech. He’s a fast 6-4 MOV, WIP14 objective grabber. He’s also a doctor/engineer so he can help cure any unlucky wounds as well. Total solid buy for ITS mission lists.

Thoughts? Comments? questions? fire away (least you be eaten by a Shasvastii!)


As always Chesterocampo’s art is amazing

check him out at

And as always, stay connected!


A Hitchhikers Guide to the Human Sphere (Morat Aggression Force – Rachio and Starter Box – to 300 pts)


Got a request in the other day to discuss a list build, using the models from the Morat Aggression Force Starter box (with the exceptional new models!) and the ever amazing Raicho TAG! So let’s add those big guns in and make to 300 points. Can it be done?! You bet, so let’s dive in!

images (1)



Ahh Morats…  Morats are your fun-loving angry space apes come to rain death and destruction over the Human Sphere. Highly trained, aggressive and relentless is the name of the game with these guys. Don’t stop until everything and everyone is utterly crushed or blown to tiny bits. No sneaking around or other silly tricks! That’s for the that slimly Shasvastti race to handle! Nope Morats drop in and wreck face to the last.

*pro-tip – as a human within human sphere is un-advisable to attempt to keep a Morat as a “pet monkey”; All such reported cases have resulted in escape and a horrific death for would be owners.

In a Morat aggression force almost every unit available (barring, remotes, and a few others) have access to the “Morat” special rule. Units with this rule are treated as religious troops. In essence, as per the infity rules, this allows the figure to keep his Order for himself after losing his Lieutenant, in addition to the minimum Orders due to Loss of Lieutenant. In addition the miniature may choose not be affected by the rules of Retreat! If all a player’s figures are Religious, then two of them may give up their Orders to elect a new Lieutenant. Otherwise they may continue operating using only their own Orders. Furthermore, being ‘Morat’ means you don’t test for “retreat” until 75% of your army points are gone as opposed to 60% [So at 300 points you need to lose at least 225 points before testing]


  • Lots of access to Big Guns to bring serious firepower!
  • Access to tough as nails troops (Sogarat anyone?, ARM 6!, W2, Auto-Medkit using a PH15!!)
  • Morat special rules almost everywhere; Retreat rules don’t kick in until 75% of your force is wiped and almost every unit are religious.
  • Access to multiple impetuous troops (witch soldiers, hungeries) to help low order pools and lots of access to smoke.


  • Units are very pricey!; the basic morat vanguard infantry is 16 points (ouch); even more so for the bigger guns (you’re going to pay more than any human faction – it’s the Morat Tax)
  • Hard to squeeze in multiple specialists for ITS missions due to heavy point costs.



Combined Army – Morat Aggression Force | 9 models


  • Raicho MHMG,HFT (89|2)
  • Sogarat Feuerbach Lt (70|2)
  • Morat Observer (19|0)
  • Morat Combi (16|0)
  • Morat Combi (16|0)
  • Morat Combi (16|0)
  • Anyat (25|0)
  • Med-Tech Combi (23|0)
  • Kurgat Mk12 (24|0)


298/300 points | 4/6 swc

The total cost for this list? (Estimated in CAD; prices can vary from region, and other online discounters)

  • Morat Aggression Force Starter Pack – $60
  • Med-Tech Obsidon Medcahnoid Blister – $20
  • Kurgat Reg.  of Assault Engineers (w/Mk12) Blister – $12
  • Raicho TAG box – $60

Total cost around $152. (before tax, in CAD)

To keep the cost down, will be playing the following as a suitable proxy:

  • The Oznat model that comes within the Starter Box will be counts as “Anyat”. To aviod spending on the Dire Foes box, and gaining two models without use in the Morat list.

This list focuses on one of the strengths of the Morats; Big bad ass dudes, with big guns.

We start at the top with big baddie himself the Rachio TAG!

The Rachio beyond being a phenomenal model that’s carries a huge gun, is exactly what you expect when reading the fluff (which you can check out on the official website in the miniatures section); but nothing says it better than the following line “If you need to break through an enemy’s defenses with overwhelming force and all guns blazing, it is the ideal war machine to use.” We’ve tried to keep the point cost down and gone with the cheaper version to skip out on the Heavy Grenade Launcher, keeping the always useful Multi-HMG and Heavy Flamethrower option. Push ahead in your active turns (with a lovely MOV6-4), guns at the full, nothing more, and nothing less [than the complete destruction of your enemies). Furthermore, being a Combined Army TAG, human factions can never hack to ‘possess’ your TAG [the alien tech is just too…. alien?], so never fear about him turning that gun on you. But watch-out for E/M ammo or Adhesive ammo that will shut him down.


Next we have the Sogarat (it’s helps that the model is just pure awesomeness!). This guy could be described as an “artillery fortification” (if such a terrain piece could be bought). He’s a whooping ARM6! BTS-3, 2 wound model packing a fracking Auto-med kit!! Lets’ just break this awesome sauce down. In partial cover (like most units would be), he would be astounding ARM9! Even against AP rounds, it’s still ARM 6 in partial cover. Assume then a shot got through he’s got 2 wounds; okay assume that you got lucky and failed 2 arms rolls; the Auto med-kit kicks in to try and save him. You need to roll a normal PH roll to bring him back to life (as many times as needed). He’s PH 15!; meaning you only need to roll a 15 or less to pass. This guy will tank hits like a TAG no problems. He’s rocking the amazing Feuerbach anti-tank (aka “mobile artillery”) gun that spits out burst 2, AP+DA ammo at damage 14, with his solid BS stat of 13. A hit on the enemy halves their armour and forces 2 ARM rolls for each hit at Damage 14. He’s slow though at only MOV4-2. So plonk him down in centre for advantage shooting and let loose in active and reactive turns. I’ve made him a LT.; usually you don’t put your Lt. anywhere near heavy fire, but we are only rocking 9 models at 300 points. I need my big guns blazing as much as possible. Being a Lt. means I can spend his special Lt. order on him when I need to get those important shots off or that fire lane secure. Furthermore, it only serves the fluff better when your big bad, toughest infantry dude around is also your Lt. screaming out orders leading the charge. Besides, in this list everyone except the Med-tech is a ‘Morat’ model, meaning they are religious bastards, who’ll keep their orders and chug along even if the Sogarat goes down; so they are not hampered by loss of Lt. as many armies are. So make like a Morat and play aggressive.

Next we are rocking a five man Morat Vanguard Link team. I’ve tossed in 3 as “cheap” as I can get them (16 points for BS11 model with combi!, sigh… it sucks but none the less, gotta make lemonade right?) morat vanguards. I’ve added a much needed ‘specialist’ troop to the group with 19 point forward observer to help ‘push the button’ on objectives for ITS2014. Lastly we have the special character Anyat! She’s a great addition to any Morat force. One, she’s a specialist troop (we need as many as we can get to help build redundancy), and she rocks both E/M grenades, and Smoke Grenades, to both help bring support to the rest of the army in advancing or screening fire lanes. Hell if the link team’s caught off guard reacts with a burst 2 smoke drops on the unit to protect them quick. Lastly she brings the amazing K1 ammo loaded combi gun. K1 ammo is a recent addition that is basically ‘monofilament’ ammo. The Damage is always 12, when you hit an enemy no matter their ARM value it’s reduced down to 0. So the enemy has heavy ARM troops as well? No matter pour some link team K1 ammo bursts into them. Being a five man link team, we are striving for order efficiency and awesome bonuses of +1 burst, six sense level 2 and the ever important +3 BS to each member.

As noted above, one of the weaknesses is the lack of gaining cheap specialist troops in any great number. Enter one model that is sure to be in every Morat Sectorial List; the Med-Tech Doctor, Engineer! It’s a welcomed fast specialist at MOV6-4, with a solid WIP 14. This guy is going to slither around to objectives and capture them quick. If there is not objective (aka annihilation mission); he’s got the speed to sneak in behind the Raicho and engineer him with ease. A super solid buy! Certainly not a fighter, but rather purely much needed support.

Lastly we have a solid Kurgat  rocking a Mk12 gun. He’s an engineer, with d-charges, antipersonal mines that move with a solid MOV4-4.  He’s a fantastic addition to capture objectives (being an engineer), but even more so than most ‘engineer’ specialist troops that other armies bring. He can drop a mine to deter re-capture by the enemy and still rocks a soup’d up combi rifle to take out enemies (Mk12’s are basically combi rifles that hit at damage 15, instead damage 13!). Most ‘engineers’ are your basic line troop that captures an objective or babysits a remote or TAG, not these guys! You’d be pretty hard pressed these days to leave home without a Kurgat in your list.

In summary;

  • We’ve got two amazing big gun platforms (Raicho and Sogarat)
  • We’ve got a decent 5 man link team with specialists with some nifty gear
  • We’ve got a flexible combat able engineer
  • We’ve got a fast objective grabbing Med-Tech (or repair buddy, when objectives are not being played)
  • Our weaknesses?

o   No Multi-spectral visors; watch-out for enemy smoke games, ODD and camo!

o   No Hackers for anti-hacking defense

o   No Camo; so no sneaky games

o   We’re going to have to hustle up field (but we got at least Anyat’s smoke grenades)

Thoughts? Comments? Want to see a difference starter box discussed next time? Let me know in the comments section! As always…

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